Who can benefit

Do you make a living helping people?

If you answered yes, perhaps we can help you.

iCam Professional Services, Ltd. is dedicated to helping people help people. If your profession is predominantly helping people through face-to-face interaction; counselling, teaching, providing professional or technical advice, you know that often a telephone call or e-mail doesn’t quite do the trick. There are subtle cues from facial expressions and body language that you can miss, and without which it is hard to effectively do your job. However, face-to-face meetings are tremendously inefficient for either you or your client and greatly limit the scope of who you can help.

You will find that ICam’s technology is an incredibly easy, cost-effective way of enhancing your communications with your clients. Contact us today to find out about our 45-day risk free trial, and see for yourself.

Do you want to be in control of your own web-based communications system?

If you are a large organization with significant security concerns, the best way to achieve secure communications and avoid MITM issues is to be the man in the middle. We can help you set up your own web-based video communications system on your own servers.

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