In order for webcams to function properly, both parties need to have a reasonably fast, stable internet connection (above 100 bps). Basic broadband will typically be ample. The included Chat or Audio Only modes operate well at much slower speeds, and if your client doesn’t have a webcam.

In addition, both parties need the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, or Opera. IE and Safari both require installation of a plug-in. This is an automatic process and simply requires user agreement to install the plug-in. The user will be prompted to allow installation at the beginning of the session.

iCam Professional Services’s hosted sessions are SSL-encrypted from end-to-end. iPS uses the latest systems to ensure data security and integrity. All iPC credit card processing and data systems are PCI-compliant.

If you are sitting at your desk and have available time, you can log-in to the system and turn on Instant Availability Mode. This will create an “Available Now” icon on your profile. A client can then click on your profile and initiate a session.

The system has to be hosted on our servers. We place a link on your site and a splash page on ours. You will need to add something like video.YourDomain.com to your A record, so even though it is on our site, from an outsider’s perspective it looks like it’s your site. We can show you how to do that.

At session initiation, you get to choose. If your client does not have a webcam, or has a very slow connection, audio will obviously be the best option. Chat is good if you have a client concerned with anonymity, or has significant technology issues

There is a chat-based live help function in the browser that can assist. If there is an internet outage, the session can simply be restarted.