Financial Advisors

iCam for Financial Advisors

Over the next few years the way Financial Advisors communicate with their clients and potential clients will change dramatically. This will have profound implications for the future of your business. Organizations that take advantage of the new paradigm will thrive and those that don’t will wither.

It is incredibly inefficient for either you or your client to have a face to face meeting; its easy to waste half a day or more and that really cuts into what you can achieve. However, the reality is that things like body language and facial expression are critical to understanding what your client, or potential client is thinking and many clients want to look you in the eye and see you as you talk to them.

Until now there have been no really good options for on-line face-to-face communications with clients or potential clients. They all either share or sold client information to advertisers, required lengthy downloads or an extensive sign-up process with a third party vendor.

Now you can have a completely secure on-line video chat with your client,directly from your website using a iCam’s super-easy software. The client can book an appointment online, or you can invite them.

How does this change my business?

  • Growth is no longer constrained by geography. Your, and your clients time is no longer wasted
  • It’s very affordable ($20 per month per user for the base system), secure, and supported

Test it out now!