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In addition to a full featured way of revolutionizing your communications with your clients, iCam Professional Services offers you ways to expand your market reach to take advantage of the new technology. Now you can communicate via video, audio, or text with your clients and potential clients at the click of a mouse and, as importantly, be found by clients you wouldn’t otherwise reach and charge for your services to them, without meeting them in person.

Communications Technolgy

How does it work?

iPS uses enhanced webRTC, so unlike Skype or Go-to-Meeting, iPS’s software is browser-based. This means there is no lengthy sign-up process or software to install for your clients; something that makes those kinds of technology impractical for general customer or prospect communications. iPS’s secure technology allows your clients, via all major browsers, to communicate with you at the click of a mouse; or they can select you from a list of your associates and schedule an appointment.

As long as you have a webcam, you can now communicate with your clients any where in the world as though they are in your office. Scheduling your availability, editing your profile and setting your billing rate is easy via the on-line admin section.

Scheduling your Appointments

You can either put your availability on line via our full-featured scheduling tool, or simply alert the system that you are available for an instant session. If you are set to instant availability, simply leave your browser open on your desktop; it will ring like a regular phone. You simply click a button to start the session. Alternatively, once you have set your schedule, a client can book on line. You will get an email notification, and at the appropriate time, log-in and start the session.

Back-end functionality

Set the session length, time, weekly schedule, vacation blackouts.

Integrate with your existing Website
By adding the iPS API to your web-site you can seamlessly interact with your clients using our session-hosting servers. This means you can be up and running fast and with minimal IT effort.

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Billing / Identity Cloaking

You are used to people coming to your office. They pay for your services and then they go. Very simple. However, as you expand your practice outside of its traditional domain, you will start to run into trust issues, and the fact that your client is not physically there to pay you. A client is much more willing to trust someone they can physically see, than someone who may be thousands of miles away. This is where iPS’s billing and customer identity protection services comes in.

In-Session Payment

Our system allows the client to pay you during the session. This means that the client does not need to pay until they have developed sufficient confidence that you are who you say you are and can do what you say you do. It also means that you can obtain payment before getting to the meat of your service.

Client Identity Cloaking

In addition, the system can be set up to completely protect the client’s identity. All you will see is a pseudonym. This allows you to be approached by clients who may have a very sensitive issue they wish to discuss in complete anonymity. In this instance, payment is made to iPS, who then passes the payment on to you when it is collected from the processor.

Aggregation Site Hosting

The internet is highly competitive and it is getting increasingly difficult for sole-practitioners to rank highly on search engine results. As a result many are finding it better to join aggregation sites where they can pool their resources. iPS provides the facilities for such sites with hosting, communal bill processing, provider search and ranking functionality, and marketing expertise.


iPS has developed cutting edge technology to help you generate highly targeted web-leads for your product. You can think of the system as a way of turbo-charging your web-site’s page rankings for certain search queries. We have to work with you to determine your marketing strategy and how we can use our systems to enhance it. It will not work in all situations, but can be extremely effective.

To see how Micro-Targeted SEM can transform your practice, why not schedule a no-obligation video chat with one of our principals or visit our FAQ page.