Therapists and Coaches

iCam for Therapists and Coaches

iCam is working with large therapy-providing institutions down to single providers to give them the ability to help their clients on-line, affordably and securely. Our extensive experience in this area, combined with our unique technology and very affordable pricing makes us a natural choice to take your practice to the next level.

As a counselor, coach or therapist, you are interested in two things:

  • Making life better for your clients
  • Building your practice

Many of your clients are busy and may have to spend hours and significant money to visit you, having to juggle work and family commitments to do it. Others may be mobility impared.

Many of these clients want the convenience, confidentiality and comfort of your help delivered to the privacy and security of their own homes. This is especially true for people who may be well known in their community or have issues of a highly personal nature.

Additionally, more and more coaches and therapists are finding that there is a legitimate place in their therapy tool-box for the delivery of services on-line.

The question is; how to deliver the service?

  • Free services, such as Skype, by definition ultimately have to fund themselves by gathering and selling information about users. This is completely at odds with a provider’s ethical and often legal duty of patient privacy and confidentiality. Microsoft itself has publicly stated that its Skype service is not appropriate for delivering therapy.
  • Other services require both the download and installation of software by the client, or an extensive sign-up process by the client, or are very expensive.
  • All services require your clients to go to a site other than yours.

For a surprisingly modest monthly fee, using iCam, clients can come to your website from their browser and start a secure conversation with you. Designed for the global market, iCam’s systems are HIPAA and ISO97002 compliant. The servers are located in the UK so benefit from EU privacy legislation. It comes with a host of features designed specifically for on-line therapy.

You can try it for less than a cup of coffee a week. It’s easy, secure, and we make everything happen without you having to do anything.

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Building Your Practice on-line

You may have a specialty or strength that could help people all over the planet. But in order to help them, you need a few things. They need to be able to find you, interact with you, schedule with you and pay you. That requires a significant technology investment and the use of technology that isn’t widely available; until now.

iCam Professional Services Pro version gives you these tools and a lot more. Designed to work with individuals and larger practices seeking to expand their services on-line, the system gives you everything you need; seamless integration with your web site, on-line scheduling, triage functionality for new clients, provider selection, different on-line payment options; a whole suite of systems such as synchronous and asynchronous chat that can help you take your practice to the next level.

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